Cheer Team

State Cheer Competition:

TYFA Cheerleaders compete annually in a State Cheer Competition. This competition is the girls chance to showcase their talents and their hard work as they compete against other TYFA squads for a state title. Like football, cheer events are held in prominent or professional facilities. Cheerleaders compete at several levels of skill: Mascot, Novice, trip right before Christmas. Any State Championship site we play at can be driven to and back again in the same day.

Youth Certification:

All Football players and Cheerleaders are required to be certified by TYFA in order to verify that they are the correct age and that they are participating with the correct age group. This is done annually. A picture ID is created for them which allow them to participate.


Mascot :               3-4 years old
Mighty-Mite:         5-6 years old
Midget:                 7 years old
Rookie:                 8-9 years old
Junior:                  10-11 years old
Senior:                 12-15 years old