1. What will I need to register my child ?

  • 3 Copies of Birth certificate
  • 2 photos of child
  • Completed Registration Form and $275
  • 3  Copies of most recent report card

2. What does my registration cover?

Your registration covers uniforms and games only. Each participant registration fee is broken down into smaller increments to “help” off set total costs of the season

If your child is sponsored, you will be notified. If you have a sponsor for your child, please let our registration official know, so we may provide them with an opportunity for honorable mention.

3. What will my child need to play/practice with absolutely no exceptions?

  • Properly Fitted Helmet- Team Color
  • Properly Fitted Pads/Protective equipment (shoulder, knee, hips)
  • Uniform- Socks included- Color Determined by Team- Provided with paid registration
  • Water
  • Mouth piece

Optional items are:

  • Water bottle
  • Equipment bag
  • Warm Up

4. How many games are in a season?  4.1 Is the Team required to travel?

There are 8 games in a regular season. 4 Home games and 4 away games. 1 bye weekend and 1 weekend where there will be no games held in support of our cheerleaders for Cheer Competition, TBD by TYFA. A full season including practices may last from July-Dec of that yr., depending on if the Team is successful in sustaining during playoffs.

There may be times when the Team will be required to travel during the playoff season as determined by TYFA. However, travel during regular season is usually limited to Houston and the greater Houston area.

5. Are there fundraiser’s available to help with cost?

Yes, we will have many fundraising opportunities to help with cost of registration, playoffs, etc…. for your family to participate. If participation in fundraising efforts are not able to be met, the parent of the player will be responsible for absorbing the total cost for their child to participate.

6. Is there a registration cut off date? 6.1 I have multiple children, how may I pay in a timely fashion?

Registration cut off date is:

If you have multiple children, you will receive a multiplayer discount. We also have payment arrangement schedules avail. Please speak with Janea Dennis ASAP, so that payment arrangements can be made and turned in, on or before cut off date. Receipts will be given immediately for each cash, certified check, and/or postal money order payment and once payment has posted for credit, debit, or check etc…

7. If we started late or had an unforeseen financial issue and don’t have full payment in on-time, what will happen?

HKC is committed to helping families as much as possible, so it will be imperative that you let Janea Dennis know as soon as possible, so that they can make every attempt to help. However, you must have paid greater than 50% of payment due for assistance before cut-off date, or player will have to wait to participate in games “only”, until full payment is received, as their uniform can not be ordered- NO EXCEPTIONS

8. If for some reason our family needs to discontinue participation in football season, will payment be refunded?

You may only receive full refund if payment if request is made up to 8 days prior to cut off date for uniform order. On the 7th day prior to cut off, the following applies:

Refunds will not be in full, as part of the payment goes towards the uniform cost.

After cut-off period, you will not receive any refund. As your child has been accounted for in insurance, uniforms, and field usage costs.

Medical conditions that require clearances should be provided prior to cut-off date. If you have concerns that your child may need medical clearance, please notify the Team Registrar, as your player will not be able to participate until the clearance is received.

Unforeseen medical conditions during the season: Although unfortunate, a refund can not be given, as player is accounted for as being part of the team.

If for ANY reason, player is permanently removed/suspended from the team after cut off date, forfeiture of ALL funds will take place.

We at Kid Cougars strive to make your experience with our organization exceptional. If you still have concerns not addressed in FAQ’s, you may submit your question via our online form and one of our Cougar representatives will reply back within 48 hrs. However, you may also ask before/after regularly scheduled practices and any upcoming parent meetings.